Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Roller Babies!

My husband sent me this thoroughly amusing video yesterday. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Several members of my family have gently pointed out that I'm neglecting my blog duties. It's embarrassing, but it has been over 1 month since I last posted!

During the past month, we have been very busy! Here's a quick run down:

We had a snow storm.

We explored several areas near our apartment, such as South Street Seaport.

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary on March 8th.

This is the bench where John asked me if I would be interested in "beginning a long distance relationship that would move towards a short distance relationship."
After visiting our bench, we enjoyed sushi at our favorite sushi restaurant.
We love this place because there is a conveyor belt which brings food right by your table- instant gratification!
The plates are color coded by price. At the end of each meal, John and I always compete to see who can guess the final bill. I hate to brag, but I usually win.

We have had several guests over for dinner.

My dad made a very quick visit to New York.

We shared a lovely lunch at Kosher Delight: The Schwarma Platter. I will address the Schwarma Platter in a separate blog post. All I can say is- DELICIOUS!
Our precious niece, Grace Noelle, was born!
Finally, I went to Chicago on a business trip.

That pretty much sums up the last month!