Wednesday, December 19, 2012


About three weeks ago the inevitable happened... Lydia stopped napping!  At almost 2 years on the dot, my little honey decided that she didn't need to nap anymore.  Instead of napping, she now jumps in her crib for 2 hours straight, singing and talking to herself.  Since that very sad and fateful day, Lydia has only been napping every other day, and not necessarily for the 2 blissful hours of peace that I used to enjoy.  I'm still dealing with the loss, but to ease our transition into nap-lessness I signed Lydia up for a one day a week preschool (technically they call it "Mother's Day Out") at a local church.  It's a very sweet program that Lydia's cousin also attends.  

Here is Lydia on her first day of preschool, last Wednesday.

She was so proud of her new lunch bag!  She wanted to carry it everywhere.
Preschool is from 9am to 2:30pm.  The kids all bring lunches and blankets/stuffed animals for nap time.  Apparently last week Lydia absolutely flipped out during nap time, but she did much better today.  She didn't sleep but rested quietly with her favorite sidekick Woof.  She LOVES going to preschool, and I'm enjoying a little bit of quiet to get a few things done around the house on Wednesdays.  That will all change, though, in about 9 days when Baby #2 is expected to make her debut!

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  1. She is so grown-up...I am dreading no naps for Charlie...hoping he can hang on for a couple more months =)